10 Creative Ways to Hang Pictures

If you’ve recently purchased an xHang, or even if you’ve just been following our posts for a while, chances are you’ve been thinking about picture hanging ideas ever since.

After all, xHang makes it so easy and quick to reliably hang pictures on the wall, that it can give you a feeling of newfound freedom and open your mind to some of the more creative picture hanging ideas.

This is something we’ve been thinking about a lot here at WallX, so we’ve decided to put together this list of 10 unique wants to hang pictures on the wall. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try out some new ways to hang pictures that might have been impossible, or at least inconvenient, with traditional wall hanging hardware.

Let’s dive right in, and feel free to get in touch if you have a great idea that we’ve missed here, as we’re always intrigued to learn more about different ways to hang pictures and create unique home designs!

Frame Something That Isn’t a Picture!

This probably isn’t what you expected for the first idea in a post about different ways to hang pictures, but it’s something that can transform your home for almost no cost and the results can be stunning.

From collectible items and old tablecloths to family heirlooms and simple natural decorations like shown in the image above, sometimes the best way to hang pictures in a unique way is to truly think outside of the box!

Hang Pictures or Documents with Personal Meaning

We’ve all heard of framing a world map to hang on the wall, but why not color in the places your family has visited, and update it over time? Or bring back old, low-cost maps of each place you visit and frame them as a unique memento?

Often, when wondering how to create a wall of pictures with personal meaning, we go for the easy option of a group photograph, but there are plenty more ways to make a picture wall your entire family can not only be proud of but contribute to too!

Use an Entire Wall!

If you’re looking for cute ways to hang up pictures, you could consider creating a picture wall!

Dedicating one wall in your house to photos of family and friends, and making complete use of the space available can give a room a unique and classical vibe while allowing you to create a shrine to those who matter to you, and leave other walls clear!

Check out our guide on how to arrange pictures on a wall for more ideas on how to make this work!

Go Really Out of the Box!

If you have a little DIY skill or willingness to experiment, the question of how to put pictures on the wall gets a lot more interesting.

You can try creating bent picture frames to make use of small gaps, hang pictures on the side of your staircase or even use curtain rails or string to find creative ways to display photos without frames.

Create a Theme by Grouping Similar Pictures Together

A wall or room full of related images is one of the most immediately attractive ideas for hanging picture frames because it brings the room together and sets the tone.

A low-cost and effective way to do this can be to frame several different dried wildflowers or other plant life in order to create images that are 100% unique yet still fit together as a theme.

You can even use pages from the same art book or old science document to create a vintage vibe for cheap or use dozens of smaller frames to dot related images around the entire house.

Only Use Art from a Specific Time Period

Art that otherwise looks completely different can go well together and still create a theme, especially if we’re talking about vintage artwork from a specific time period.

Find vintage art pieces from a time period known for having visual sensibilities, with possibilities ranging from the 50s (like in the image above) to the 60s, 70s, or even further back such as the Victorian times or Old West if you really want to push the boat out.

Get Technological

Is your home or office a bit too modern and contemporary for the above idea to really work?

Do you have trouble making decisions and feel like changing your wall art all of the time?

Digital photo frames are growing in popularity and allow you to set up slideshows that change automatically or switch pictures using a remote control.

For those of us who enjoy traditional art, they can be a little gaudy, but for those in modern homes who like to change their art regularly, they can be life changing!

Make an Educational Wall Display for the Kids

Why not go the functional route instead of focusing on how things appear?

If you share a home with children or students, xHang and picture frames can be used for things like blackboards, anatomy diagrams, famous quotes, or anything else that might aid them in their studies!

While it may seem just as effective to keep these things on paper, growing up in such an environment can be inspiring and make it easier to stay focused on education.

Use Shelving to Create a Customizable Art Display

If you have a lot of small pieces of art and photographs of friends that want to display but aren’t sure if you can 100% commit to hanging on the wall, a small section of shelving makes it easy to display a group of small pieces.

It also makes it just as easy to remove them or switch them around whenever you feel like a change!

Explore Flea Markets and Garage Sales for Bargains

If you want to make your house look awesome without breaking the bank, you will struggle to do better than these sorts of places.

Vintage metal signs like shown in the picture above, dated art books and flip charts are just some of the things that can be found for next to nothing and frame to create high impact art.

Besides, who knows, if you’re an antique spotting whiz, you might even end up with a genuinely valuable piece of art!

We hope this guide has given you some ideas for unique and creative ways to display art around your home.


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