How To Hang A Picture Without Nails

Hang A Picture Without Nails

I thought it was about time I wrote a post on how to hang pictures without nails - after all, it’s something that people have had trouble with for a long time. Typically you have to be extremely careful and plan for the long term when hanging pieces of art, portraits, mirrors etc on your walls.

The reason for that is the holes they leave behind can be very unsightly, and can mean you don’t want to move the picture ever again because of how bad the space underneath will look. In fact for people who rent instead of owning their own places - hanging your own pictures often isn’t an option at all due to these leftover eyesores.

Options for hanging pictures without nails have been around for a while, but historically they have been barely useable, mostly made up of cheap adhesive pads that lose strength over time. This usually results in your possibly valuable artwork crashing down when you least expect it. Our new product the xHang solves this issue forever.

xHang Allows You To Hang Pictures Without Nails

WallX xHang

A simple, functional design that keeps physics in mind, along with the highest quality adhesives means xHang can hold up to 1.5 pounds of wall decoration for good, with no marks, no damage, and no loss in strength.

In extreme circumstances where strength and reliability are everything, you can also add a small tack nail to your xHang system, increasing the weight limit to an unbelievable 25 pounds, with the trade off being a tiny hole that is virtually non-existent compared to the multiple large nails you’d traditionally need to secure such a weight without xHang.

Now that you can easily hang pictures without holes, you will find your attitude to them completely changes. You can put things up just to see how they look, swap things around, replace things you don’t like - in seconds with zero DIY experience!

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You may be thinking “hanging pictures without damaging walls is great, but is there any point if I have to revert back to archaic nails whenever I want to hang something over 25 pounds?” Well, you’re in luck, because multiple xHangs can work together to hold items of any weight - meaning this item isn’t just the best way to hang pictures without nails, it’s also the best value art gallery quality picture hanging solution available, period.

To get across just how easy xHang makes it to hang pictures on the wall without nails, the system comes in two main parts, one of which is height adjustable and comes with a built-in level. By the time you make sure it’s flat, at the right height, and push the sticky backing onto the wall, the vast majority of the work is already done.

From there just attach the two parts together following the extremely simple steps on the installation page and you’ll be a natural at hanging pics without nails before you know it!

Check out this 8 year old hanging a picture without holes - it really is that easy!


So there you have it, xHang is the future and without a doubt the best way to hang pictures without nails - give it a try now to see how it can change your life and the way you approach hanging pictures!

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