Q -- I rent and don't want to leave any marks on the walls. Will there be damage to my walls if I use this product?

A -- Our adhesive is 100% pure acrylic and we have found that if you twist it slowly (and patiently) off of a wall, it causes little or no damage. There have been walls where it has taken a chip of paint off of the wall and with any adhesive this is possible.

All walls are so very different it is very hard to give any sort of a guarantee. We have found our adhesive to be a happy medium between “won’t damage your wall” and “won’t fall off your wall”. We tested many many adhesives and we found this one the most effective. 

Our product offers you another option though, if you choose to use our tack nail you will know very specifically what to expect; a tiny hole the size of a thumb tack, and weight capability of up to 25 pounds. When you move you can fill in the tiny hole it leaves behind with a tiny amount of wall putty.