xHang Installation

The WallX xHang Picture Hanging System is a complete solution that allows you to easily and quickly hang picture frames, mirrors and other wall attachments of any size. Our xHub includes a pure acrylic adhesive strip that holds up to 1.5 pounds without leaving a mark (on a texture-free wall).

Installation takes a few seconds and requires no tools or experience whatsoever. We also include tack nails for extra strength if necessary, allowing you to hold up to 25 pounds and install WallX securely even on wallpaper, uneven or textured surfaces.

Please have a look at the videos and tips below to see how simple it is to install your WallX system.xHub xHanger

Step 1. Fix xHub to Wall

(Add tack nails for heavier weights, wallpaper, uneven or textured walls, placement over beds or sofas; or any other reason you might want added security)

Step 1

Simply peel off the adhesive backing to your xHub using the included level to ensure it is as straight as possible, press firmly against the wall until fixed.If you would like to use tack nails, see the video at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Remove Standoffs 

Step 2

Simply rotate the standoffs carefully as shown in the video to remove from the xHanger

Step 3. Attach Standoffs & Wax 

(This will secure the bottom of the frame to the wall, keep the frame level and perfectly parallel to the wall)

Step 3

Remove the adhesive backing and attach the two standoffs to the back bottom corners of the frame as shown in the video. Then remove the wax and break into two equal sized pieces and attach to the exposed side of the standoff as shown.

Step 4. Pull tabs and combine the two pieces

Step 4

Pull the tabs on the xHanger gently outward and secure it onto the xHub as shown.

Step 5. Hang Frame.

Step 5

A little too high? A little too low? No problem, just take the frame off and adjust the xHanger up or down by up to 1.5 inches simply by pulling on the side tabs, then reattach the frame when happy!

Wallpaper, textured or uneven walls? Use a tack nail (see video below).

Hanging something big or heavy? Consider using more than one xHanger if necessary and be sure to use a tack nail.


WallX is completely adaptable and modular. This means you can add tack nails, extra xHangers, and adjust the xHub to meet your own requirements as shown in the video.

This allows you to hang virtually anything securely and reliably without causing marks or damages to your walls!

Questions? We're here to help! 

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