xHang Picture Hanging Kit
xHang Picture Hanging Kit
xHang Picture Hanging Kit

xHang Picture Hanging Kit

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The WallX: xHang Picture Hanging Kit includes everything needed to hang pictures of varying sizes and weights. Our xHub includes a pure acrylic adhesive strip that holds up to 1.5 pounds and requires no tools or experience to use. We also include a tacknail if you need to hang something over 1.5 pounds up to a limit of 25 pounds. Simply drive the nail through the 45° nail channel at the top of the xHub and now the reinforced system can hold up to 25 pounds. Museum quality picture hanging for the home!

  • Damage-free installation 
  • Built-in level
  • Height adjustable (1.5 inches)
  • Art gallery quality picture hanging for the home
  • No nails necessary

xHang: The Best In Picture Hanging Hardware Available

xHang is the best picture hanging hardware available due to its user-friendly, flexible and modular nature allowing it to evolve to fit your requirements. This is a futuristic picture hanging hardware kit that requires no tools, nails or previous experience, allowing you to easily and immediately hang awkward or heavy art pieces, mirrors and more, while leaving zero wall damage or marks.

xHang can also be further strengthened with a tack nail for unmatched strength and reliability, making it the most adaptable large picture hanging hardware in the modern market. If even that isn’t enough, several xHang systems can be combined together to make a gallery style picture hanging system up to any size or strength you require.

To see just how easy and quick xHang is to use, and to understand just how xHang is the best picture hanging system available, check out our easy to understand WallX picture hanging hardware instructions on the installation page.

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